Send and receive CoinSpark messages and assets, plus regular bitcoin.

  • Enhance bitcoin transactions with private messages notarized on the blockchain.
  • Safely receive, store and send bitcoin and CoinSpark assets on your own computer.
  • Protect your wallet with a secret password.
  • Lightweight (SPV) wallet, under 50 MB on disk.
  • Built with Java for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Based on popular MultiBit bitcoin wallet.
  • Integrated JSON-RPC API server with command line interface and optional headless mode.
  • Open source, MIT license. Browse on GitHub.

Download SparkBit for Windows

Requires Windows 7, 8+. Version beta (32-bit). Download 64-bit SparkBit.
Download SparkBit CLI for Windows (32-bit) or 64-bit.
SparkBit is also available for Mac, Linux, Java (JAR).

SHA256 for SparkBit: 46acfe5d69f2c017ccdca4f96fe8e4d6651f9ba0377253d4d87033ab223f0aa3 (32-bit)
SHA256 for SparkBit: 0bc617a6d602529fc1b2aec4d2452d551ada508923147572b7c7b849a6b7f8fe (64-bit)
SHA256 for sparkbit-cli: 71bfd03d3d3af8d6dc78d45be1be9a07a296ad56deb17cde9754127339dfd7ec (32-bit)
SHA256 for sparkbit-cli: c2bea9ff8ee8133164bfff0213a927a32581cbce212df3a71c0b93b574e7358a (64-bit)