Every CoinSpark message is delivered via a specific intermediary server.

A message delivery server responds to creation requests from sending wallets and retrieval requests from receiving wallets, in order to enable delivery of the text and/or files in a CoinSpark message which is attached to a bitcoin transaction. The message hash embedded inside each transaction ensures that the associated message cannot be modified in transit, by the delivery server or anyone else.

By default, the SparkBit wallet will use our free delivery server at msg1|2|3.coinspark.org and your wallet is welcome to do the same. However you should note that the message delivery server is able to see the content of messages, so this may not be appropriate for your needs.

If you prefer to run your own delivery server/s, we provide a free open source solution below. This enables your wallet to send CoinSpark messages completely independently of any service which is not provided by your own organization. The address of the delivery server is embedded in the message metadata within each bitcoin transaction, so you can change which server/s you use at any time.

The open source message delivery server is called message-server and uses PHP and MySQL. Requirements are as follows:

  • Linux operating system. Ubuntu and CentOS currently supported.
  • At least 1 GB of RAM.
  • PHP 5 running under a regular web server such as Apache.
  • MySQL 5 or later, or MariaDB.

If you choose to run your own server, please see the README for recommendations and restrictions on choosing its host name.

Browse the message delivery server on Github, which includes installation instructions.