Every CoinSpark asset has a server which tracks its movements across bitcoin transactions.

The server responds to queries from CoinSpark wallets regarding those movements. This lowers the computational requirements for end user wallets, which would otherwise need to store the entire bitcoin blockchain, and perform a potentially vast number of calculations for newly received assets.

By default, new assets issued by the asset creation form use our free asset tracking server at assets1|2|3.coinspark.org, which automatically tracks every CoinSpark asset created. If you are comfortable relying on our tracking server, you need not take any further steps.

If you prefer to run your own tracking server/s, we provide a free open source solution below. This enables your asset to function completely independently of any service which is not provided by your own organization. The address of the tracking server/s for a particular asset can be changed at any time on that asset’s web page, so you need not make a final decision now. Since wallets automatically try all tracking servers listed, you can provide maximum failover and redundancy by listing our tracking servers alongside your own.

To be clear, while wallets rely on the responses given by asset tracking servers, these servers cannot change the ‘truth’ about where the asset lies. This is determined solely by the data stored in the blockchain and the asset’s contract. Asset trackers are simply a computational aide.

The open source tracking server is named coinsparkd and written in C and PHP. Requirements for the asset server are as follows:

  • Linux operating system. Ubuntu and CentOS currently supported.
  • At least 8 GB of RAM.
  • At least 40 GB of disk space, mostly for Bitcoin Core to store the blockchain.
  • PHP 5 running under a regular web server such as Apache.
  • PHP compiled with the --enable-shmop option, since the PHP script communicates with the compiled C process via shared memory.
  • Running copy of Bitcoin Core, also known as bitcoind. No GUI or bitcoin balance required.
  • You need to know the asset reference of the asset you issued (see Assets panel of SparkBit).

Download coinsparkd 1.0.2 beta or browse coinsparkd on GitHub.